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PFAS and Other Emerging Contaminants
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How We Can Help

Our Experience and Expertise

As a top ranked Environmental Consulting firm, Jacobs has decades of scientific research, characterization and remediation experience at numerous Superfund sites and other legacy industrial, military and research and development facilities cleaning up chlorinated solvents, petroleum contaminants, radiological waste and other hazardous chemicals deposited and transported in soil, groundwater, sediments, surface water, leachate, drinking water and wastewater.

Our environmental and water-focused technologists have been supporting clients with PFAS assessment at 1,000’s of potential release locations around the globe. We are leading the industry with treatment solutions, including validation of developing treatment technologies for PFAS-impacted water, as well as soil, which represents an overlooked potential ongoing source to groundwater contamination.

Jacobs’ unique ability to shape the industry for PFAS solutions is drawn from our multidisciplinary expertise in the environmental, water, wastewater, solid waste, aviation and infrastructure domains. Our leadership is predicated on deep knowledge of our clients’ industries and processes combined with a thorough understanding of PFAS chemical behavior, regulatory issues and developing treatment approaches.

PFAS Lifecycle diagram


possible release locationsassessed


groundwater and soil samples successfully tested/sampled for PFAS


research programs advancing PFAS investigation, treatment and remediation solutions

We've used our PFAS expertise to:

  • Assess more than 1,000 possible release locations.
  • Sample more than 10,000 groundwater and soil samples for PFAS (PFAS sampling is complex and requires knowledge and care to eliminate false positives).
  • Write the U.S. Navy sampling Standard Operating Procedure for PFAS.
  • Advise aviation clients on soil investigation and management approaches.
  • Implement drinking water treatment systems for both large and small communities.
  • Develop, in conjunction with academic analytical chemists, field screening methods and better sampling protocols for more representative results.
  • Contribute to innovative PFAS treatment technology development.

What We Do

Jacobs plans and develops cost-effective, regulatory‑compliant PFAS management strategies, focusing on the mitigation of high‑impact sources and protection of sensitive receptors. Our services include:

Characterization and Risk Assessment

To understand the extent of the problem, we identify type, amount and locations of PFAS through:

  • Interviews with personnel
  • Historical records searches, including newspapers for emergency response events
  • Water source monitoring
  • Site investigation, characterization and hydrogeology
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment.

Master Planning

We evaluate current and future needs to identify holistic solutions:

  • Water source evaluations
  • Hydraulic distribution modeling
  • Technology alternatives evaluations
  • Bench- and Pilot-scale testing

Remediation and Infrastructure Solutions

We plan and develop cost-effective, regulatory‑compliant mitigation strategies and solutions, which include:

  • Proven cost-effective treatment solutions
  • Innovative source zone (e.g., soil) remediation technologies
  • Watershed protection and management
  • 升级现有的水或污水处理facilities
  • Biosolids management alternatives
  • Solid waste management strategies
  • Leachate treatment

Communication Strategy

Together, we develop an effective public communication strategy and community involvement plan, and provide guidance and support including facilitating public meetings and web-based engagement tools, such as our PFAS Dashboard, prepared for the U.S. Navy.