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What if we told you that sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,000 years and cyber-attacks are on the rise, rising by nearly 40% and doubling in cost? That more than 40 billion devices are connected to the Internet of Things? That by 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities and along the U.S. coastline, the average risk of a 100-year flood will increase 40-fold?

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如the frequency and severity of weather events intensify, and populations grow, the potential impact on governments, cities and businesses around the world is constantly increasing. This emerging threat is further amplified by aging infrastructure and cybersecurity, adding to the risks to people, the environment and the social cohesion of cities around the world.

具有城市化,日益复杂和数字世界的个人,社区,机构,企业,基础设施和/或自然系统,不同的气候和自然和人为风险,尚未成为未知,变得有弹性优惠greater opportunities to rise up and emerge stronger — and reclaim the promiseof a more connected, sustainable tomorrow.

These issues impact all of us, in every market and every corner of the world. And the frequency and intensity of stresses — from natural and human-made hazards, supply chain, aging infrastructure and urbanization — is only increasing.

So, what’s keeping people, places and systems from a resilient future?

  • Uncertainty over the frequency and extent of potential major eventsand ability to give advance notice and plan for extreme events.
  • 无法预测监管,财务或运营环境的变化在哪些业务,社区和基础设施运营中。
  • 缺乏强大,弹性通信网络to operate systems and inform citizens
  • 能够从主要压力和冲击中响应和恢复,包括糟糕的信息共享和计划执行

B.uilding能力是有弹性的 - 或者生存,恢复,适应and茁壮成长在意外事件之后- 面对以下内容的中心natural, societal and economic risks......


Water taps are running dry in India and South Africa.Australia is currently in the grips of a super drought – the hottest and driest on record;雨水跨越亚太地区导致严重的洪水,一些飓风蹂躏的波多黎各社区仍然无法在飓风玛丽亚飓风后超过两年的关键水和电源。在过去的十年中,世界在这些和其他极端天气事件中产生了惊人的增加;随着潮潮上升和碳的影响进一步提高了我们所面临的全球问题。

通过对自然灾害,弹性和气候适应不同的思考,我们可以通过优化主要压力和冲击的规划,响应和恢复来解决这些趋势 - 最终降低损害和恢复成本,提高公民安全。


Operational Boundaries

Owners and operators of businesses and infrastructure work within regulatory, financial, political and stakeholder environments that impose significant boundaries. These are necessary and appropriate, but it’s important to understand that they are not static through time or between locations.


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由世界经济论坛(WEF)命名为前10名global risks in 2020both in terms of likelihood and impact, cyberattacks continue to present significant risks to people, information and our most important global networks.

通过提高识别漏洞所需的成本和时间和进行网络攻击,传统计算机网络防御设计为利用低到中级功能的攻击者。大多数风险评估避免了国家国家和网络罪犯拥有利用和击败商业级网络安全抗辩所需的资源和能力所必需的令人不安的事实。这意味着for the first time in history, security threats真正没有边界。Attackers both inside and outside of networks can cause significant damage.

如we enter a fourth industrial revolution characterized by hyper-connectivity, cybersecurity solutions must go beyond traditional information technology to deliver both offensive cyberspace operations横跨research and development, operations support and intel analysis;和D.efensive cyberspace operations and training专注于能力开发,安全的移动通信和软件和硬件安全工程为了确保人们和信息保持安全和保护,无论威胁。



Threats from biological warfare materials and indigenous diseases can be some of the most catastrophically impactful.


Many state、地方和地区政府may be the very first responders on the scene, whether biological warfare or infectious disease outbreak. AS.threatS.继续进化和技术改善,这些组织需要更多training, equipment and technologies在未来的事件发生之前,将他们的回应和帮助恢复的能力进行加强能力。在私营部门,专门的安全和与国土安全和威胁有关的其他要求are constantly evolving and require systems and tools to support. Additionally, t私营部门也支持许多反击大规模杀伤性武器课程departments of defense,包括疫苗研究和生产生物战争 combat future issues.

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With government programs and funding sources scarce, and conversely with the additional mandates brought about by a rapidly growing, mobile population desiring data and information, and facing significant climate change issues, networks are continually challenged to provide efficient, affordable, and sustainable solutions for the movement of people, goods, and services.



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