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How We Can Help

Keeping business, cities and whole communities safe, resilient and adaptable to change is one of our core competencies and one we proudly offer globally across markets.


我们正在提供恢复力1,000 global projects, focused on anticipating the impact of natural hazards and climate change to develop and implement resilient infrastructure — from coastal and inland river systems, to water and wastewater treatment anddigital,supply and transportation networks.

Across natural and built infrastructure our resiliency experts engage with clients and stakeholders across the project lifecycle, assisting in early hazard definition, evaluation, strategy development, design of solutions and full implementation, including operations and maintenance of organizational utility and infrastructure systems.


years of integrated resiliency solutions across markets




clients worldwide, focused on planning and response to the full range of climate hazards

We provide comprehensive infrastructure, technology and intelligence solutions to help governments, cities and生存recoveradaptandthrivewhen facing natural hazard, operational boundary, cybersecurity, biosecurity and finance-related risks, including:

Resilience Assessments

星期三efine自然和human- 对人,地方和资产的威胁from public health security and cybersecurity to natural hazards and climate variability.Unlike other vulnerability assessment tools and processes, which typically focus on individual systems like water或者我们已经开发出来广阔的城市-and systemwide评估和优先级流程的所有关键网络and infrastructure. This process follows a holistic asset management framework so citiesand organizationscan address andprioritize their unique short- and long-term resiliency needs and opportunities on a consistent basis. This providesa firm foundation for making future investments and applying a “value for money” lifecycle cost-based approachto decision making.For example, working with the Inter-American Development Bank and Government of Belize, we undertook aCorozal Bay的恢复能力评估拓宽和增强伯利兹的旅游经济,促进沿海,气候和灾难恢复力。



  • Resilient Infrastructure-物理基础设施资产是任何领域的经济和运营骨干,但城市增长和气候变化需求要求孤立系统的能力。在组织方面,数字网络必须旨在打击越来越复杂的威胁和网络攻击。我们在美国宇航局兰利研究中心的工作includes an asset management system that’s optimizing operations and increasing asset life, while enhancing reliability across 270 facilities at the center.来自全年生命周期资产planning to design of capital works和数字和物理基础设施,我们创建了全面的跨领域集成解决方案,适合城市和组织需求。opebet专业版在超过现有阈值的事件后恢复关键基础架构 - 例如达到菲律宾的2017年地震,severely damaging the Mahanagdong B 60MW geothermal power plantorflood-damaged US 34– is another key aspect to resiliency.
  • Green Solutions -世界不同地区变得更干燥,潮湿或更热,绿色基础设施解决方案可以帮助改善社区弹性,并加强今日和未来的城市地区。opebet专业版Cities facing the acute shocks of heavy rainfall and flooding are seeking holistic and efficient stormwater management solutions that increase a city’s ability to survive, adapt and grow. Simply looking at stormwater infrastructure (e.g., water drainage and conveyance systems) in isolation, however, isn’t enough. And that’s why we help cities develop a more integrated stormwater management approach that ties stormwater infrastructure improvements to other city sectors: transportation, parks and recreation, environment, flood control, etc. We work closely with cities to diagnose their issues and develop an integrated approach that provides point solutions, addresses critical flooding challenges across sectors and integrates green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) to reduce and treat stormwater at its source. Take for example how at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, we developedgreen solutions to address stormwater并提高当地水环境的质量,或者在澳大利亚如何与自然保护合作,以设计第二阶段Windara Reef shellfish restoration project那delivering water quality, environmental and social benefits to the region.
  • Future-Proofing Solutions -星期三eep dive intoclimate and population change analysis to inform跨越数字和物理解决方案的硕士规划,城市设计和可持续交付。opebet专业版业务和社区的领导人正在寻求新的技术相关的解决方案和伴随着从天气和其他事件的异常的恢复力的方法。opebet专业版我们与这些领导人和技术播放器合作,提供智能,连接解决方​​案,以加强组织的预测能力,为重大压力和冲击中恢复和恢复。opebet专业版Currently, we’re serving as the U.K. Government’s Delivery Partner for design and development oftidal flood protection for London,专注于创新,以推动高效的交付和系统可靠性。

In Practice: Port of San Francisco Waterfront Resilience


chance of a major earthquake between now and 2043 (U.S. Geological Survey)


feet of sea level rise projected by 2100




Adaptation Planning

我们强大的评估和建模工具准确地评估了海平面,干旱,极端天气和安全威胁的影响,同时考虑了每个地方或系统的个人需求以及其独特的地理和基础设施挑战。一旦我们确定了最大的弹性威胁并量化了他们的风险,我们就与领导者和利益相关者密切合作,以制定明确的实施计划,以减轻每个威胁。该计划包括详细的项目优先考虑,排序和资金策略和T.一叠-底部-line analysis of actionsacross natural hazard, operational boundary, cybersecurity, biosecurity and finance-related risks to改善复原力和支持经济发展。外籍的新西兰外交部工作n Affair and Trade and Government of Kiribati, we set out anadaptation strategy for the island community of Temaikuthat provides a roadmap to sustain this nation in the face of climate change threats.

Organizational Excellence

组织智能系统促进综合,我nnovative, high quality delivery, with sustainable financing. Our strategists provide expertise in the evaluation and benchmarking of organizational processes and behaviors to understand potential gaps in the understanding and management of vulnerabilities to business continuity. Our cities and places innovators bring deep expertise and experience in operationalizing resilience within municipalities, with working experience of delivering the 100 Resilient Cities framework and decades of support to our state and local clients. Additionally, through our operations & maintenance offering, we have extensive experience in actually running city organizations, and can bring an inside understanding of the resilience needs and opportunities. And, we’re developing tools to support operational resilience, such as ourmobile field Vapor Intrusion (VI) geospatial technologies将建筑物识别和优先考虑威胁从VI到生物危害的威胁,支持有效应对事件和预期抵抗,以避免公共卫生问题;我们的游戏变化,基于云Flood Cloud和全洪水型软件平台。

Emergency Management和灾难反应

From反应,恢复规划和交付的准备和缓解,我们做到这一切。我们与美国宇航局的科学家合作leverage remotely-sensed data and images从国际空间站240英里的240英里拍摄,提供危急的灾难响应援助,帮助社区恢复。而且,我们在地面上有所帮助critical Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster-related operations整个美国及其领土。我们还与城市合作,诊断公共安全需求和挑战,并创建可复制和可扩展的技术解决方案,以加强城市部门的业务,提高公共安全。opebet专业版通过我们的合作伙伴,我们为代理商和实地人员提供技术专长,在任何地方/任何时间访问和支持的安全云中获取信息资源,并通过协作和态势意识工具进行固定的,快速地部署运营中心。

Program Finance and Delivery


  • 商业和财务咨询-为了应对迅速增长和移动人群,面临着需要弹性和依赖系统的气候变化固有的挑战性问题,以及访问社交网络和大数据处理,网络不断受到挑战,以提供高效,价格实惠和可持续的解决方案opebet专业版人,商品和服务。我们帮助客户评估他们的绩效并计划将来,使其能力,流程和利益相关者的关系对齐,以获得目标并实现他们的使命。我们帮助组织定义有效的方案选项,查找创新的方法来提供和融资其计划,并确定客户支持的经济实惠的,可持续的利率和费用计划。我们的团队与客户密切合作,提供创新解决方案,在实施时会产生经济,运营和环境效益。opebet专业版
  • Portfolio Planning/Real Estate Strategy -Cities, governments, companies and organizations across the globe are continually faced with planning for future change. Our team specializes in the upfront thinking that provides strategic solutions for future outcomes that help our clients achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Our planners apply a systems-based approach that integrates complex natural and man-made systems to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability. We provide a framework that examines overlapping, interdependent systems influencing the triple bottom line of a project, organization or community.
  • Capital & Transactions Advisory -面对更换和恢复老化基础设施的越来越多的经济挑战,或者提供新系统,我们的团队在与各国政府和私营部门合作开发替代融资战略,包括公私伙伴关系交付。通过基于现实世界的应用和评估务实风险转移策略的强制性商业案例,我们帮助我们的客户确保私人参与创新的多亿美元的民间基础设施项目的融资和交付。

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