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From sidewalk chalk art and coloring pages, to an Earth Day challenge and handmade cards, our creative-minded teammates are making the most of their days and an impact on their communities.


  1. “一个全新的世界”:这位雅各布的爸爸正在把迪斯尼魔术带到他的社区

白天的建筑经理和艺术家还有酷爸爸by night, Brian Morris is bringing his art to life on the sidewalks in front of his Hillsborough County, Florida home.

In his spare time, hetold the坦帕湾ABC分公司,他画,画,做任何他能做的艺术放松后,他作为一个建筑项目经理的日子在网上坦帕国际机场现代化总体规划project, where Jacobs is performing program management services.



有一个The Little Mermaid阿里尔和比目鱼;女士和流浪汉;来自Beauty and the Beast.

他的邻居并不是唯一欣赏他的画的人-早上好,美国recentlyshared a short video在他们的在线频道和社交媒体上展示布莱恩和他的迪斯尼艺术。

One of his most recent drawings features利洛和斯蒂奇,一部强调家庭和亲密关系重要性的电影。他说这部电影的“Ohana”主题意味着家庭和家庭是他通过自己的艺术来实现的目标。

“The wonderful reaction we have received across the nation and abroad is amazing,” he enthuses. “We have been notified from people in Canada and Australia that have seen the story. It has been a great pleasure spreading smiles across the world during this time when everyone needs a little joy back in their lives.”

Brian says he plans to keep drawing and bringing joy, and a little Disney magic back to his local streets just as soon as the rainy weather clears in Florida.

  1. 免费,可下载的配色书:雅各布斯的标志性项目



  1. 地球日

地球日的外观可能有点不同year, but that’s not stopping us from celebrating. On this, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, we are launching our Climate Action Plan – which sets out our response to solving for climate change. With this year’s theme being climate action, our new plan comes at the perfect time (yes, we planned it like that.)

To celebrate Earth Day, we challenged our global Jacobs teammates to re-create the Earth from items they already had around their homes无论是可食用的食物,绘画杰作还是慢镜头告诉他们地球对他们意味着什么。我们甚至鼓励整个家庭都参与进来,因为我们认识到现在很多同事家里都有小孩。

Tomorrow, we’ll be featuring the top submissions on and on our social media channels – but here’s a sneak peek at one of the entries: stunning Earth-inspired nail art from Sam Steele, a digital content producer in our Glasgow, Scotland office.


  1. 向当地医护人员表达一句振奋人心的“谢谢”


But, she says, he’s been a huge support of her latest project, a batch of handmade cards for local hospital staff.



Cards 1

She’s now created and sent more than 50 cards to three local area hospitals — Froedtert Menomonee Falls and Froedtert West Bend Hospitals, where her sister-in-law is a palliative care social worker, and ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital, where a close friend works as a doctor — to thank people for the hard work they’re doing on the frontlines. And, her husband’s even written notes of encouragement in most of the cards.


In her role at Jacobs, Crystal supports various environmental remediation projects, primarily for our U.S. federal clients. She says she loves that the work we do every day provides a wide range of interesting challenges and directly benefits the community. It’s no surprise she’s found a new, crafty way to give back, when it’s needed most.


Cards 2


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