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在世界各地的身体疏远措施以及许多办事处的临时关闭,您可能认为今年会有举办学生的工作体验。再想一想 - 我们的团队在U.K.上来提出了一个令人兴奋的新计划,学生可以与实际上搞!


The virtual work experience program they’ve developed takes students through the design of a coronavirus vaccine research facility over five weeks and 10 sessions, giving students the opportunity to develop STEM skills ranging from project management to architecture, and other critical workplace skills like problem solving and comprehending multiple sources of data.


在一个典型的一周中,学生们涵盖了两个主题领域,在周一和周三早上发布的视频讲座和相关活动。Later in the week, once they have had the opportunity to watch the lectures and try the activities, there is a live Q&A session with a professional from Jacobs who works in the relevant area, where students can ask questions about the activities, the person’s career, hobbies or anything else they’d like to know.

Running the program completely online also means that it opens up the opportunity to students who may not have been able to attend our in-person work experience because they don’t live close to one of our office locations - making it more inclusive. More than 360 students have applied to join the program since its launch in May; 93% of those who have completed it said they would recommend the program to a friend. And, 93% said it has made them more likely, or as likely, to consider a STEM career.

工业学员一项使雇主能够为年轻人运行认可的工作经验计划的组织,已经在银级获得了我们的虚拟工作体验计划 - 学生在结构化和认可的工作经验中获得约30小时。学生可以在他们采取的任何路线上使用这种经验,以他们采取的任何路线,成为学徒或大学。

Alex, 15, a school pupil from Lewes, near Brighton股票他喜欢学习的东西在该计划期间。该团队还将将新的虚拟程序呈现给工程U.K.Work Experience Working group on July 8 to share what they’ve learnt and help the wider engineering community to continue to engage students across the U.K. in STEM.

As if our STEM ambassadors weren’t busy enough, they are also working to inspire the next generation with virtual careers fairs and videos of staff talking about their careers, and recently introduced structured and ad-hoc tutoring to help out Jacobs staff who are homeschooling their children while schools are closed in the U.K. The tutors are all volunteers from across the business who can provide guidance across a range of subject areas.

感谢我们所有的Visionaries,思想家,来自我们的Stem Embassador社区所涉及的行为,他们正在合作造成积极影响,远远超出筹集酒吧并提供卓越。