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Growing up on the serene Georgian Bay in Ontario – often referred to as the sixth Great Lake – I can’t imagine life without accessible, clean water. I’ve spent many recreational hours as an avid angler, kayaker and scuba diver on several Great Lakes and many smaller, equally as adored bodies of water – all within living distance. As we know though, not everyone in the world is as fortunate.


Every year on March 22, the United Nations recognizes世界水日是一个了解有关水相关问题的国际机会,并激励行动改变我们的未来。今年的主题“没有人落后”,解决了确保所有2030年的水的可用性和可持续管理的重要挑战 - 作为U.N.要求。

在雅各布斯,我们正在做我们的部门,不要落后一下。我们创造了我们的PlanBeyondstrategy which is guided by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Through our PlanBeyond program, we are inspired to make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for businesses, governments and communities around the world – from the way we operate our business, to the work we perform with clients and other organizations. Water is a big part of our PlanBeyond strategy.

To do our part to truly leave no one behind when it comes to water supply, I’d like to steal a message from one of my colleagues at last year’s Singapore International Water Week水领导人峰会见解见证– we need to “value water better, manage it better and collaborate to innovate.”



To deliver on the U.N. goals to provide clean water and sanitation for all by 2030, we need to flip the switch. It’s time to make global changes to how we view and manage water before it is too late. By this point, thinking sustainably and implementing resilient, green solutions is nothing new, but as we look toward 2030, we’ll need to push the boundaries and innovate in new ways. And that’s where approaches likeOne Waterand solutions likepotable reusecan make an impact.

举例说明了可持续解决方案的进步,对我们的时间,Jacobs和客户获得的一些最大问题opebet专业版11 business achievement awards来自环境商业杂志and气候变化商务期刊this year.

Among the awarded projects are a first-of-its-kind sustainable water supply solution for李县公用事业这与三种不同来源的混合水,以提高其处理厂的供水灵活性和可靠性,同时将运营成本降低多达60%;我们与澳大利亚政府部门合作Catchment Carbon Offsets Trial, achieving emissions reductions and providing triple-bottom-line benefits to complement climate change, water, catchment management and biodiversity strategies; and aShoreline Management Planproviding disaster and climate resilience along coastlines and strengthening the tourism economy in Belize.

To reach everyone with clean, sustainable water by 2030, these types of unconventional sustainable solutions and growing markets, such as desalination and reuse that are focused on renewing our water resources, need to be table stakes. As good quality fresh water supplies grow scarcer and populations surge, let’s think differently when we’re designing water and wastewater infrastructure and processes – using sustainable and green solutions to approach all water as a resource and leaving no water behind.

Managing water smartly

正如可持续水管理在确保所有的水资源中发挥着重要作用,数字和智能技术正在进行中在全球范围内使用to solve water challenges in ways that weren’t possible a decade ago. For example, advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and real-time analytics – deployed on one utility’s雅各布-supported pilot– helped identify plumbing issues that would have caused a loss of 4.8 million gallons of water annually, if not fixed.

另外,smart sensorsare paving the way for early detection of water quality issues, like potentialLegionella成长,在他们伤害水供应或公共卫生之前;和数字双分析和技术是providing unparalleled abilities对于水机构来说,优化其未来的基础设施。其他技术喜欢3-D打印甚至可能在该基础设施如何构建和编织到社区中发挥作用。

In the last ten years, we’ve seen the advancement of everything from smart watches and genetic engineering to self-driving cars and drones. Just imagine what technology will be able to achieve by 2030. It’s up to us to embrace these technologies and conceive new ones to deliver unprecedented results for smarter water management.




他们的“每个人,永远”的使命真的创造一个全世界,所有人都可以使用安全的饮用水和卫生;一个没有人遭受或卫生或卫生相关疾病死亡的世界 - 一个没有人被遗弃的世界。

As an industry, we have the connections, skills and technologies to address the issue of “Leaving No One Behind” directly. By valuing water more holistically, managing it smarter and collaborating to truly drive change, we can engage the public and stakeholders to address concerns and gain acceptance as we utilize technology and innovations to address the world’s water challenges – to deliver safe, accessible water for all.

Peter Nicol currently serves as Global Director of Water at Jacobs and was formerly CH2M’s Global Water Business Group President where he had full profit and loss responsibility for the $1.4 billion global water business, including leading more than 5,000 water professionals, in 175 offices, in more than 50 countries worldwide. Under Peter’s leadership, CH2M solidified its brand as the global market leader in water and wastewater design work, and he continues to lead Jacobs’ industry-leading water efforts. Peter joined CH2M in 1980 after receiving his bachelor of applied science degree in Geological Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences from the University of Toronto.

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