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According to the United Nations, more than half of all people live in cities and human settlements and that ratio is projected to grow to two thirds by 2050. In the U.S., 62 percent of Americans live in cities and by 2050, the number is expected to reach 80 percent. To meet the demands put on our communities in a changing world, the U.S. needs to spend trillions of dollars to upgrade our roads, water systems and other infrastructure.

自2015年以来,自然资源国防委员会(NRDC)导致了一支跨学科团队,负责探索为21世纪建设社区的越来越好的基础设施投资的机会。我很荣幸成为团队的一部分,因为我们在过去几年中曾致力于证明基础设施 - 同时对社会非常有价值 - 不需要被视为危机,而且具有宽大的价格标签。相反,我们可以利用基础设施改善作为多方面和公平转型和增长的催化剂 - 我们需要做的就是采取高路道路。



高路手册始于建立社区高新道路优先级的重要步骤,并一直通过结束交易和开始项目实施。在它之间,它涵盖了项目预开发生命周期中的所有步骤,包括确定融资和资助方案,适当的交付方法和选择适当的采购机制。对于每个步骤,手册识别关键活动,执行参与者,为评估的一个量具,如果您已完成步骤和支持资源和示例的要求。The content reflects some road testing of the process that the team has conducted in several cities throughout the U.S., feedback by several municipal partners who have participated in the development and testing of parts of the process in their communities, and important input and discussion during several sessions where the project has been addressed during the annualEcodistrict Summit会议。

With forethought and by embedding priority High Road objectives into procurement processes and throughout the project lifecycle, it’s possible to realize objectives such as creating meaningful jobs for local low-income residents, and truly delivering lasting, sustainable benefits such as greater equity within and between communities, cleaner air and water, improved health and the ability to withstand and recover from acute and chronic stresses caused by severe storms and extreme temperatures.

Mike Matichich作为Jacobs金融服务惯例的领先者,在那里他认为有兴趣的客户有兴趣寻找增加社区社会福利将实现社区社会福利的可能性,因为实施了基础设施计划。迈克曾担任新的高路基础设施手册的引导作者之一,以及Dena Belzer的战略经济学和NRDC的Doug Sims。查找有关高路保护项目的更多信息,包括博客,白皮书和高路视频在NRDC网站上