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Inflection Points Podcast Series


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Inflection Points Podcast Series

Inflection points are events that result in significant economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological changes that shape our world.

And our world is facing some of its toughest challenges yet:干净的水。经济实惠的能量。连接。气候变化。环境污染。经济增长。

Our Inflection Points solution briefings are a series of podcasts with Jacobs’ thought leaders and technologists, providing background on these critical issues, the challenges at their core and the actions we’re taking to create a more connected, sustainable world.

Balancing Energy Needs and Environmental Concerns via Nuclear Power

Inflection Points Episode 11


Aerospace and the Technology to Go Beyond

Inflection Points Episode 10

To provide an inside look at much of the work done to support NASA from robotics to launch control to support of the International Space Station, we were pleased to sit down with喜悦凯莉, Vice President and General Manager of the Jacobs Clear Lake Group. For this episode of Inflection Points, Dr. Kelly spoke about the work Jacobs does with NASA as the agency’s #1 solutions provider, as well as her passion for STEM education and the success and challenges of business innovation in large organizations.听航空和技术去Beyond

Predicting Problems Before They Happen

Inflection Points Episode 9

Raja Kadiyala博士, Global Director for Digital Solutions and the Jacobs Connected Enterprise at Jacobs, walks us through how digital twins can be applied to industries and communities, making them safer, increasing efficiency and improving the environment in this discussion as part of our Inflection Points series of podcasts.Listen to Predicting Problems Before They Happen


Inflection Points Episode 8

Water treatment is a highly sophisticated process, and today’s communities are increasingly leveraging digital tools and taking a holistic view of the complete water cycle. In this Inflection Points discussion,Susan Moisio, Vice President Global Solutions Conveyance and Storage at Jacobs, shares her insights into the approach known as “one water.”Listen to Treating the Water Cycle as One Water

Responding to Potential Cyber Attacks with Advanced Techniques

Inflection Points Episode 7

网络罪犯不休息,而且那些因提供敏感客户和政府信息的辩护而被指控。在我们最新的拐点发作中,我们坐下来John Karabias, Vice President, Growth and Sales Strategy for Jacobs Cyber andEric Conway, Technical Director for Cybersecurity Capabilities and Solutions, Jacobs Cyber to learn more about advances in cybersecurity.听取响应高级技术的潜在网络攻击

Refreshing the World's Water Supply

Inflection Points Episode 6

Becoming innovative in the handling of water and wastewater is increasingly important around the world. We sat down withPeter Nicol,雅各布斯全球水市场总监在这一集中的拐点中了解更多关于一些问题和最佳实践,以适当治疗这种宝贵的生命资源。Listen to Refreshing the World's Water Supply

Advancing the Facilities of the Life Sciences Industry

Inflection Points Episode 5

过去30年来医学的进展延长并提高了世界各地人民的生活质量。在这一情节的拐点,John Noble,雅各布副总裁兼总经理,生命科学谈到了生命科学产业以及综合项目管理如何帮助公司按时完成其设施。Listen to Advancing the Facilities of the Life Sciences Industry

Improving the Connectivity of the Smart City

Inflection Points Episode 4

As we look to the future of urban design, municipal services will be increasingly dependent upon better technological interconnectivity. We spoke withMonte Wilson, Global Market Director, Built Environment & Global Vice President, Jacobs, about the importance of good design and how it takes into account citizens, business, transportation, and a host of other considerations in this episode of Inflection Points.Listen to Improving the Connectivity of the Smart City

Mitigating the Impacts of Floods and Droughts

Inflection Points Episode 3

As the world is experiencing more severe weather events, communities need to make long-term preparations. In this episode of Inflection Points, Bryan Harvey, Vice President and Head of Utilities Business, Europe for Jacobs, talks about how the number and severity of floods and droughts around the world are encouraging new ways of planning to mitigate the impacts.Listen to Mitigating the Impacts of Floods and Droughts


Inflection Points Episode 2

企业和市政当局如何使用资产管理作为控制成本,增加效率和减轻风险的业务的战略部分?要了解,我们问道Nina Wollman, Jacobs Vice President and Global Director for Strategic Consulting andSteve Meininger,副总裁 - 全球运营管理和设施服务,以详细说明。Listen to Managing Built Assets from Concept to Long-term Operations

Tackling the Environmental Challenge of PFAS


What are PFAS and why should we care about them? Jacobs Global Environmental Market DirectorJan Walstrom.和全球水市场总监Peter Nicol讨论PFAS化学物质的来源和性质,为什么他们对受影响的土壤,地下水和饮用水的越来越多的公共卫生问题和治疗和修复解决方案。opebet专业版Listen to Tackling the Environmental Challenge of PFAS