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土壤需要护理和培养仍然是一种生产力,不断增长的栖息地,因此解决土壤污染至关重要,以尽量减少环境,粮食安全和人类健康的风险。庆祝屡获殊荣的大道修复和园林绿化项目的转型变革 - 在U.K的最重要和复杂的修复项目之一之一。


近20年,雅各布斯,客户机Homes England, VSD Avenue and Turner and Townsend, this year celebrated the completed restoration of heavily polluted industrial land at the former Avenue Coking Works in the East Midlands, U.K. One of the most significant and complex remediation projects ever to take place in the U.K., the award-winning remediation program has transformed 98 hectares into a place that can now be enjoyed by the community and wildlife.


The restored landscape now provides a development platform with space for almost 500 new homes, and 70 hectares of open public space incorporating a sustainable drainage system, high quality community sports facilities, multi-user trails, woodland, and new habitats for wildlife.


of more than 100 legacy coalfield assets managed by Homes England






(almost) years in the making

This program has taken nearly two decades of meticulous planning and execution with Homes England and their partners to restore one of Europe's most complex remediation sites into an area that can be enjoyed by the community for years to come. The scale of the change at the site continues to amaze people when they visit and we take significant pride in sharing the history of the project and the technical innovations which have brought it to this stage.



认可在2018年布朗菲尔德简介奖颁奖典礼上的特殊奖项,a2018 Project Merit: Brownfield Redevelopment awardfrom the环境商业杂志and the CEEQUAL Excellent Whole Project Final Award, this19-year remediation program has transformed 98 hectares into a place that can now be used and enjoyed by the community and wildlife.

With a total project value of $230 million (£180 million), this project is an exampleof what can be achieved with even the most difficult of sites. The remediation strategy was developed to address the clean-up and restoration of the land, which was previously a coking works, and was integrated with short term environmental management requirements as well as the masterplan to deliver the community’s long-term aspirations for the site. For World Soil Day, we dig deeper – pun intended – into soil pollution to understand just what it took to restore the landscape – bringing long-lasting environmental, social and economic benefits and resiliency, habitats for wildlife and a development platform for community and residential opportunities.


One of over a 100 coalfield assets managed byHomes England(在其国家煤炭田驻计划组合)代表,前大道焦化工程的网站曾被称为西欧最受污染的工业场所之一。该工厂于1956年在切斯特菲尔德开业,通过煤的碳化制造了无烟固体燃料。当该网站于1992年关闭时,它留下了遗弃植物和重污染的遗产,包括开放的焦油泻湖,含有石棉的废物尖端和底层土壤,地下水和邻近的河流污染。该部位上的大部分土壤被碳氢化合物污染,含有氰化物水平升高,也存在砷。

Remediation works commenced in earnest in 2009, however the concept which underpins the project had taken more than a decade to develop. Between 1999 and 2005, an extensive program of environmental management and investigation took place which included plant area draindown, site surveys and ground investigation, through to remediation trials and development of the remediation strategy.

The success of the project has been driven by the belief of the whole team, including regulators and local authorities, that it was possible to deliver a truly remarkable transformation of the site.

Working with client Homes England, contractor VSD Avenue, and NEC Project Manager Turner and Townsend,Jacobs支持整个19年的修复计划delivering a wide variety of technical services. Initially these included conceptual design, ground investigation, risk assessment and the development of the overall strategy for the site. Later, our team supervised the remediation and landscaping contract, providing technical advice to the client team and verifying that the work to clean the site met the overall remedial objectives.


Given the nature of the site and the scale of contamination it contained, remediation posed significant technical challenges which required a combination of techniques to overcome. Conventional solutions to the huge pollution issues that existed, such as off-site landfill disposal or in-situ encapsulation, were considered unsuitable. The project team needed to find a better way and an ambitious strategy was developed that would serve to make the site exemplary within the National Coalfields Program.


填补了河里rother两侧泻湖的沉积物长期以来对河流本身构成了威胁,并是该项目的基本司机之一。广泛的试验表明,唯一可靠地处理这些材料的系统可能是热解吸。当时,这种修复方法在大部分内未经证实,但大量的研究证实了系统的弹性。由VSD Avenue开发,定制热解吸单元在现场竖立,并在2010年和2013年的24/7的基础上运营。这是第一次在U.K中使用该技术在这种大规模上使用。

The project team was determined to not just manage materials as waste, but to create materials which added value. Remarkably, the output from the thermal process was safely reused in almost exactly the location from which it had originally been obtained. The alternative being conventional and much less sustainable solutions which might have seen it transported from site as a hazardous waste.


在任何时候,一个关键的优先级是巴兰ce between intervention and management. Screening and soil sorting were deployed where they would add most value rather than treating soils with more intensive techniques. The landform was specifically designed to incorporate all the treated materials, with minimum requirements to import new or reclaimed soils.

随着修复工作完成,恢复的景观现在为一个开发平台提供了近500个新房的空间,以及额外的70公顷公共空间,包括可持续排水系统,高质量的社区体育设施,多用户径连接本地循环网络,林地,停车场,新栖息地for wildlife as well as a reed bed and flood alleviation dam.

Kier Living has recently commenced work on the future housing development with the first new homes likely to be occupied in early 2019. Further developments will take place in the coming years including the expected provision of a primary school and associated community facility. Wildlife is re-establishing itself in the newly landscaped areas and the newly opened public space is proving to be very popular with the local community.


使用该网站的社区可能永远不会完全实现the extent of the journey that allowed the site to take on its current form. From remediation trials in Rotterdam to detailed scientific assessments in Manchester, the completed landform is a logistical and technical feat.

赢得这件事Judges' Special Award at the 2018 Brownfield Briefing Awards, the project was recognized for the remarkable transformation achieved on the site, and the sheer scale and complexity of the challenges that have been overcome.在奖项的14年历史上只有一个特别的特别奖项,法官赞扬了“长期,大规模,技术和逻辑上复杂的项目”,它为许多行业提供了“宝贵的实践经验”。