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Blacktown-Mt Druitt Hospital


Inside Blacktown Hospital lobby

该项目包括规划和实施Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital(BMDH)的临床,临床支持和非临床服务的重大扩张,以及在两所校区交付凝固亚急性床计划。

Jacobs is delivering architectural work for the award-winning Blacktown Hospital expansion project, providing a new facility to allow expansion of existing services to meet increasing demand, room to offer new health services to reduce the need to travel out of the area for treatment and addition of new clinical technology to support the best contemporary hospital care for the growing population in New South Wales.


square-meter, 7-story new clinical services building




award nominations, winner of 15 and finalist, runner-up or commended in 16 (to date).



This landmark project has set a benchmark for hospital design across Australia and has already won a number of significant industry awards and received extensive recognition by industry, government and the community. It brings tremendous value toSydney,雅各布斯是我们extensiv继续提供e local and global experience to the project.

Patrick Hill
Jacobs Asia Pacific and Middle East Senior Vice President and General Manager

Proving a hospital “doesn’t have to be white”

Rendering of Blacktown Hospital outside
Inside the Blacktown Hospital atrium
Another view inside the Blacktown Hospital atrium

As an urban hospital with high demands from a growing population, BMDH will provide high-level inpatient and outpatient services, with a capacity to manage complex patients who require specialist acute care.


  • 一个新的32,000米2Blacktown医院的七层临床服务大楼,包括;
  • A new integrated cancer care center.
  • 由心脏病学,CCU,癌症护理,呼吸,康复,中风和老年护理IPU组成的三个住院病例。
  • New pharmacy, pathology and antenatal departments.
  • Extensive ICU, emergency and urgent care refurbishments.
  • Oral health, rehabilitation and sub-acute mental health units at both Blacktown and Mt Druitt.
  • A new multi-story carpark at Blacktown Hospital.

Jacobs has also been engaged to undertake the Stage 2 of the expansion, valued at $400million。第2阶段急性服务建筑将包括新的紧急情况,ICU,操作剧院和分娩和妇幼部门。

An updated identity for BMDH is forged through the unique character of the Hospital Street and the façades of the new building. The extensive use of bright colored glass and natural materials gives the building a friendly and open personality appropriate to the diverse and multicultural Blacktown community.

A unique patient-centered inpatient design that provides smaller virtually ‘self-contained’ pods to minimize staff travel while placing staff and support resources in close physical and visual proximity to patients so that time spent in direct patient care is maximized.

Robust testing of service options with stakeholders for future flexibility and suitability of the expansion strategy (Blacktown Hospital Stage 2). Long term criteria led to a number of innovative design strategies, including a new second vehicle entrance from Blacktown Road to provide the capacity for future expansion.A well thought through staging strategy that coordinated construction activity and minimized disruption to Hospital service delivery.Integration of dedicated project management and document control resources allowed the Jacobs team to consistently meet challenging deadlines with agreed standards of documentation.

雅各布团队在设计过程结束时合理化了设施的浴室设计。Jacobs与专家模块化分包商合作,修改浴室设计,以确保计划和质量确定性。The central energy facility was located away from the CSB and constructed as part of the multi-level car park, facilitating servicing and providing future expansion capacity. The feasibility of cogeneration plant was studied as part of the design process.The fenestration design is based on the results of thermal energy modelling, minimizing solar gain and cooling costs while preserving views out of the building. Generous natural daylighting creates a bright spacious interior.

Award-winning excellence

第2阶段奖项:Blacktown Mount Druitt医院扩展项目

2020 Master Builders Association New South Wales Excellence in State Awards - Winner, Health Buildings - New, Open Price Category

2020 European Healthcare Design Awards – High Commendation

2020 Design & Health International Academy Awards – High Commendation, International Health Project under 40,000 sqm

2020年设计与卫生国际学院奖 - 高度表彰,综合团队

2020 Property Council of Australia Innovation & Excellence Awards – Finalist, Best Public Buildings

第1阶段的奖项:Blacktown Mount Druitt医院扩展项目

2019年欧洲医疗保健设计 - 高表彰

2017 Design & Health International Academy Awards – Best International Health Project under 40,000 sqm

2017 Design & Health International Academy Awards – Use of Art in Public and Private Spaces

2017 Design & Health International Academy Awards – Interior Design

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