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Globally, flood frequency is predicted to increase across 42% of Earth’s land regions by the end of the century. What if we showed you how, at the click of a button, Jacobs’ game-changing Flood Cloud service provides dynamic, on-demand access intelligence to promote resilience against climate threats?


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During the past several years, cloud computing has caused major change waves in technology and business spheres alike with its remote storage and on-demand access capabilities. Also causing major waves? Increasing flood risks. By the end of this century,研究人员估计that the frequency of floods will increase across 42% of land on Earth and that between 27 - 93 million people will be affected by devastating flooding.

该combination of the exponential growth in computing technology, continual advances in software and modeling methodology and major developments in data capture and availability have created a demand from both users of flood modeling software and clients, to make it quicker to run more detailed model simulations – as the risks increase in the coming years.

但如果我们向你展示了雅各布的方式怎么办?洪水云服务changes the way we understand and interpret modeling possibilities, enabling users to seamlessly undertake their analysis, at any scale, in the cloud – to boost cities’ resilience and infrastructure needs in the face of climate variability?







Elise Ibendahl
雅各布Flood Modelling & Planning Global Technology Leader

Introducing Flood Cloud - Running Flood Modeller, TUFLOW and HEC-RAS Models


雅各布之间的合作和Parallel Works,洪水集成了雅各布的行业领先的1D和2DFlood Modellersolvers with the Parallel Works platform and cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS, to provide an innovative cloud-based platform that allows organizations to act faster and more efficiently.


Flood Cloud is built on a secure and trusted platform, ensuring model data and personal details are safe and less prone to typical in-house IT infrastructure challenges. Flood Cloud is available globally to help clients, industry policy makers, government bodies and academics – helping anyone who needs to understand flood risk. The ability to run flood modelling software in the cloud rather than on individual machines allows users to undertake more simulations concurrently than they could on their own PC.


For example, a project may require simulations for five sets of inflow boundaries, at four future time periods, with three climate change scenarios and for three flood management options. For a two-hour base simulation run time this equates to more than two weeks of continuous running if a single standalone license is used. With Flood Cloud, all 180 individual simulations can be undertaken at the same time – saving the project two weeks.


B.y breaking down the computational barriers on modelling studies, Flood Cloud can vastly improve the understanding of future flood risk in cities by considering many factors including future climate projections, population growth and associated developments, model uncertainties and critical infrastructure.


Recently, Flood Cloud was used on a study along the River Thames upstream of London to run multiple simulations that helped evaluate the impact of catchment wide storage schemes to mitigate climate change driven increases in fluvial flooding for the Thames Catchment. These mitigations will potentially deliver improved protection to 1.3 million people and £275 billion worth of property – including a half-million homes, eight power stations, more than 80 railway and Tube stations, and Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament along the River Thames.

气候变化商务期刊awarded Flood Cloud with a2018技术优点奖用于气候变化风险建模和评估。此外,洪水云均为洪水云CIWEM Tyne & Humber Branch和thence techfest.奖项,分别在年度和洪水的创新中,分别为年份类别。