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Environmental stewardship and climate change are the defining issues of our time.

No longer a secondary concern to human progress, environmental impacts now guide social and economic decisions around all horizontal and vertical infrastructure development.


That’s why clients trust Jacobs – one of the top ranked global environmental firms and a recipient of the World Environment Center’s Gold Medal Award for Sustainable Development – to help solve their most complex environmental challenges and opportunities.



Top consultant for Environmental Health & Safety digital vision and strategy (Verdantix)


前200名的环境ronmental Firms (ENR)


2018 Environmental Business Journal/Climate Change Business Journal awards


World Environment Center Gold Medal Award for Sustainable Development

Demand for smart, resilient solutions to address complex environmental challenges continues to grow globally. These awards stand as a testament to our employees and clients who advance innovative technologies and sustainable approaches to improve the spaces we inhabit and transform our communities for the better.

Jan Walstrom.
雅各布Senior Vice President, Global Environmental Market Director


雅各布helped launch the modern era of contaminated site investigation and remediation with the authoring of the landmark U.S. Environmental Protection Agency remedial investigation/feasibility study guidance document in 1988. Over the ensuing decades, our work with commercial and governmental clients has fundamentally shaped the industry and led to remarkable technical and cost-saving breakthroughs.


We help clients manage a wide range of contaminants in all media of concern, from radionuclides and metals to various organic contaminants and emerging contaminants like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and help them manage complex issues such as vapor intrusion, sediment contamination, low level radiological waste and redevelopment in an evolving regulatory environment.

Environmental Planning

Successful regulatory and societal approval for infrastructure projects requires a partner with demonstrated expertise in strategic assessment, site and route selection, alternatives evaluation, environmental impact assessment, community engagement, permitting and design。可以让您从最初的概念从最初概念从初始概念尽可能快速有效地建造和操作。

雅各布' Environmental Planning team has completed more than 1,000 environmental assessment and permit application documents worldwide. As an industry leader we have close to 1,500 environmental professionals who cover every discipline necessary to site, route, survey, analyze, permit and mitigate new infrastructure – including air quality, biology, ecology, cultural resources, environmental justice, geology and geotechnical, hydrology, land use, noise, socioeconomics, stakeholder engagement, traffic and transportation and visual resources specialties.





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雅各布is a leader in sustainability and environment, health and safety (EHS) compliance. We combine deep knowledge of our clients’ industries and processes with global resources and knowledge gained from decades of supporting environmental site assessments, auditing, compliance, air quality and acoustics analysis, integrated waste solutions, and more recently climate change, sustainability and resiliency strategies and geospatial/environmental data management solutions.


在Jacobs,我们与客户合作,解决复杂的挑战克服变革和中断。我们说它是我们的一件事,我们的思想领导人能够分享他们的见解和经验。浏览播客,出版物,访谈和其他故事for more